Joe Gibbs & The Professionals Featuring Errol Thompson - No Bones For The Dogs (Dubs From The Mighty Two 1974 To 1979)

Pressure Sounds CD #PSCD 37 2002
Record date : 1974-79

Album style : roots, dub

Playlist :
Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - No Bones For The Dogs
The Mighty Two - I Stand Accused
Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Six Foot Six
The Mighty Two - I Am Not Ashamed
The Mighty Two - Su Su Version
The Mighty Two - Burning Version
Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Roots Kunta Kinte
The Mighty Two - Give It To Jah
Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - The Road Is Rough
The Professionals - No Mans Version
The Mighty Two - War
The Mighty Two - War Is Over
The Mighty Two - Informer Version
The Mighty Two - Fulfilment
The Mighty Two - Financial Business
The Mighty Two - Alan Hit By A Larry
The Mighty Two - Earthquake
The Mighty Two - Baldhead Bridge

Producer : Errol Thompson & Joe Gibbs

Engineer : Errol Thompson

Backing Band : The Professionals
Drums : Santa Davis & Sly Dunbar & Horsemouth Wallace
Bass : Robbie Shakespeare & Fully Fullwood & Lloyd Parks
Guitar : Bingy Bunny & Bo Peep & Tony Chin
Piano : Ossie Hibbert & Tarzan & Bubbler
Organ : Tarzan & Bubbler & Harold Butler
Alto Saxophone : Herman Marquis
Tenor Saxophone : Dirty Harry & Tommy McCook
Trombone : Vin Gordon
Trumpet : Bobby Ellis
Percussions : Ruddy Thomas & Sticky
Special Effects : Joe Gibbs

Studios :
Recording : Joe Gibbs (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : Joe Gibbs (Kingston, JA)

Sly & Robbie - Syncopation

Joe Gibbs LP #JGML 6060 1982
Record date : 1982

Album style : dancehall, dub

Playlist :
Free Ticket To Ride
Flirting In Space
Space Invaders
Laser Eyes
Flight To Nowhere

Producer : Joe Gibbs & Errol Thompson

Engineer : Errol Thompson

Drums : Sly
Bass : Robbie

Studios :
Recording : Joe Gibbs (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : Joe Gibbs (Kingston, JA)

Scientist - World At War

Black Ovation LP #BOR 103 1981
Auralux CD #LUXXCD 021 2007
Record date : 1981

Album style : dancehall, dub

Playlist :
Invasion Of Iraq
Ethiopia Dub
Lam's Dub
Zimbabwe Dub
Dub Ovation
United Jam Dun
Jah Instruction
World At War
Iran Revolution
Monkey Spanner

Mixing Engineer : Scientist

Cultural Roots - Cultural Roots Dub

Rub-A-Dub LP # 1978
Record date : 1978

Album style : roots, dub

Playlist :
Babylon Bridge
Blackie Blackie
Too Late Shall Be Your Cry
Only Jah Knows
Tribal Avenue
Danger Light
Age Of Creation
Jah No Partial
Granny Say

Engineer : Errol Brown & Sylvan Morris & O. Murray & Maxie & Crucial Bunny

Producer : Donovan Germain

Backing Band : The Revolutionaries

Studios :
Recording : Harry J (Kingston, JA)

Easy - Surinam Dub

Roots Music Intl LP #RMI 079.1 198X
Record date : 198X

Album style : roots, dancehall, dub

Playlist :
Nature Dub
Dirty Fighters
Repatriation Dub
Boat To Dub
Jah Children
Surinam Dub

Engineer : Jah Roy & Mike Rena

Arranger : Easy & Jah Roy
Producer : Jah Roy

Studios :
Recording : Rena Studio (Rotterdam, NL)

Peter Chemist - Dub Prescription

Kingdom LP #KVL 9018 1984
Tamoki Wambesi LP #TWLP 1060 198X
Record date : 1984

Album style : dancehall, dub

Playlist :
Ital Juice Dub
Jah Dub
Spliff Dub
Rice & Peas Dub
Level Vibes Dub
Red Stripe Dub
Ackee & Saltfish Dub
Rum & Cola Dub
Good Woman Dub
Roots Dub

Mixing Engineer : Peter Chemist

Producer : Roy Cousins

Drums : Horsemouth Wallace & Style Scott
Bass : Professor Larry & Flabba Holt
Guitar : Dwight Pickney & Tonic
Piano : Steele

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA) & Harry J (Kingston, JA)

Sir Coxsone Sound - King Of The Dub Rock Parts 1&2

Tribesman CD #TMCD 3
Record date : 1975-82

Album style : roots, dancehall, dub

Playlist :
King Of The Dub Rock
Capital Radio Rock
Live And Love
Born To Love
Mouth Of The Wicked
Piccadilly Circus Dub
Tribute To Mohammed Ali
Many Moods Of Coxsone
It's Reggae Time Dub Rock
Sounds Of Safari
Black Wars Reggae
Zion Bound
Travelling Israel Dub
East Of The Rockfort Rock
Psalms 87.2
Bower Dub
So Much Dub To Give
United Africa

Producer : Lloydie Coxsone

Agrovators - Kaya Dub

Third World LP #TWS 939 1977
Justice / Basement LP #BSMT 022
Record date : 1977

Album style : dub, roots

Playlist :
Kaya Dub
Sun Is Shining Dub
Rock My Boat Dub
Easy Skanking Dub
Time Will Tell Dub
A Dread Dub
Dunza Dub
Hide And Seek Dub
A Nice Dub
Rub Up Dub

Producer : Bunny Lee

Mixing Engineer : Prince Jammy
Engineer : Prince Jammy

Backing Band : The Aggrovators
Drums : Sly
Bass : Robbie
Rhythm Guitar : Carl Harvey & Geoffrey Chung
Lead Guitar : Chinna
Piano : Keith Sterling

Ronnie Davis - Jamming In Dub

Jamaican Recordings LP #JRCD 024 2006
Record date : 197X

Album style : roots, dub

Playlist :
Raining Dub
Chasing Dub
Dub Overdue
Cover Dub
Evilmen Dub
Tribal Dub
What You Dub
Darling Dub
Hard To Dub
Control Dub
Living In Dub
Ride The Dub
Tell Dub
Dub Not Remove Davis - Jamming In Dub.rar

Sly , Robbie & The Revolutionaries - Hardcore Dub

White Label LP #OMLP 010 197X
Record date : 197X

Album style : dancehall, dub

Playlist :
Jungle Step Dub
Dub The Hard Way
Channel One Tock Dub
Ready Steady Dub
Rough Edge Dub
Sly Tough Dub
Abc Move Dub
Heart Beat Dub

Backing Band : The Revolutionaries
Drums : Sly
Bass : Robbie